Manufacturing Capabilities

HHMC not stop investing, system of machinery of machinery, equipment, constantly improving and updating regularly to improve production capacity, meeting all requirements from customers.
Forging is a long-used machining method.The forging is to heat the billet to temperatures above 900 ° C to allow the metal to turn into a plastic state and placeit on the MOLD to obtain the required shape of the product.
Stamping is the method of metal plastic deformation in molds. Under the effect of external forces,billets in sheet form form products of the shape and size as required.
Our paint/plating technology can provide you with a wide range of colors and finishes. With 6 suppliers with international certification, we can handle any of your requirements.
HHMC with a team of highly qualified staff, modern equipment, automatic welding robots to meet the requirements of high volume, reliable accuracy, we will meet all your requirements.
We are an experienced provider of plastic injection molding, serving both domestic and international customers. Our plastic injection capabilities go from 150 tons to 650 tons.
Laser cutting is a technology that employs a laser to cut materials and is typically used for industrial manufacturing applications. It is mainly used for low volumes and prototypes. Due to its high versatility, we can work with flat materials, tubes and profiles.
- Processing as required. - Supplying metal cutting tools. - Construction of factory buildings.